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November 15, 2011

Voices from Fukushima: Japanese citizens demand accountability on domestic, global levels as government continues reckless nuclear policies, Ten Thousand Things November 12, 2011

Exporting Fukushima Food as Foreign Aid, Shingetsu News Agency 5 Nov. 2011

The Mainichi Daily News Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant must be shut down (Mainichi Japan) April 18, 2011

Germany’s leaders agree to swift transition to renewable energy DW-WORLD.DE 15.04.2011 / Energy – Battle at site dubbed ‘most dangerous’reignites –

AlJazeeraEnglish Japan nuclear debate on safety and energy

AFP Anti-nuclear activists in their seventies step up their fight(動画) Tue, 29 Mar, 2011

UPDATE 1-Italy plans one-year pause on nuclear power, REUTERS 22 March 2011

Netanyahu: Israel ‘rethinking’ nuclear power plant in Negev, HAARETZ.COM 18 March 2011

Hugo Chavez calls off Venezuela’s nuclear energy plans, BBC 17 March 2011

Japan crisis reignites nuclear debate, 17 March 2011

France Anti-Nulcear Protest NTD TELEVISION 15 March 2011

Anti-nuclear demo held in Germany iran English Radio, IRIB World Service 13 March 2011