Magnitude 9.0 Tohoku Earthquake

The Tohoku earthquake and resulting tsunami, on March 11, 2011, caused immense devastation to the Northeastern region of Japan, leaving about 20,000 people dead or missing, not to mention untold billions of dollars in damages. As the world knows, after the earthquake, explosions occurred in the FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI nuclear power plant and people near the FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI have been exposed to the danger of high levels of radioactive substances.

Predicted gigantic earthquake in HAMAOKA, JAPAN

We have decided to stand up now to prevent a similar accident occuring in another region in Japan.  We believe that HAMAOKA nuclear power plant, in Shizuoka prefecture, is a nuclear disaster waiting to happen, because scientists predict that a gigantic earthquake will occur in the area where the plant is located.

No 100% safety mechanism

In the accident in the FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI plant, many safety mechanisms failed to operate properly, resulting in explosions and unknown levels of leakages of radioactive substances. Though it appears there were numerous failings in the planning and management of the accident in Fukushima, the fact of the matter is that even with the most advanced technology, nobody can adequately predict or prepare for the kind of huge natural disaster that took place in the Northeast of Japan, and that is predicted will occur near Hamaoka. Should a similar accident occur in Hamaoka, the results would be catastrophic; leakage of radioactive substances may extend not only throughout Shizuoka prefecture, but also to Tokyo (about 200km away) and Aichi prefecture (about 150km away) – the prefectures with the two largest economies in Japan.  There is a possibility that radioactive substance diffuse to other countries too over the sea.
Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and now Fukushima. It is time that we learned that nuclear power is not a viable, safe alternative.

Only 14%

The amount of power generation by the HAMAOKA nuclear power plant is only about 14%* of the entire amount of power generation of Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc.(result in 2009).

For a secure and safety society!

Postwar economic development has allowed the Japanese people a hitherto unimaginable level of convenience. However, our lifestyle has resulted in excessive energy consumption and environmental destruction. If we all do our part to save energy, termination of the HAMAOKA nuclear power plant would not have an overly detrimental effect on our lives. Reducing our reliance on nuclear energy means that we could spend our lives without fear from nuclear accidents.

Join us!

We aim for a safe and secure world for us and our children, without the fear of radioactive substance peacefully.
Please join us in calling for a termination of the operation of Hamaoka nuclear power plant.

Your action will change our world.
STOP! HAMAOKA nuclear power plant

*Source: “Composition of Generating Facilities”, Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc.